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Cylinder Booster, Air-Oil Systems - Miller Fluid Power

Miller Cylinder Booster & Air-Oil Systems

Boosters provide dependable, low-cost hydraulic power without the need for hydraulic pumps.

Miller Booster & Air-Oil Systems provide smooth, precision hydraulic power and control from shop air in simple circuits requiring one or only a few cylinders. Thus, they offer the simplicity, low initial cost, and low maintenance cost of shop air input operation compared to using the conventional hydraulic power input source requiring pump, motor, filter, pressure relier valve, etc. The hydraulic cylinder driven by the simple air oil system is controlled exactly as the cylinder driven by the pump installation using the same control valves.

A single booster-driven hydraulic cylinder can do the work of an air cylinder ten times larger and heavier and provideds greater efficiency, smoothness and control of hydraulic operation. Since space and weight are saved where the work is accomplished (at point of cylinder thrust), the overall design of machines and equipment can often be made more compact and less costly.

Miller Boosters are derived from standard Miller air and hydraulic cylinder parts and manufacutred to the same high standards of quality and construction for which Miller products are so widely recognized.

Miller Boosters


  • Industrial
  • Processing


  • Air to Hydraulic
  • Air to Air
  • Hydraulic to Hydraulic
  • Tandem Units
  • Generate hydraulic power from shop air


  • Factory Automation
  • Machine Tools
  • Molding
  • Plastic Processing