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Pneumatic Valves, Air Valves - Miller Fluid Power 304, 504, 310

Air Valves
Miller 304, 504, 310 Pneumatic Valves

Easy Assembly for a Wide Variety of Operations

Miller 304 & 504 Pneumatic Valves

Miller 304 and 504 valves feature a hard coated, lapped metal spool design with no dynamic seals to cause a binding or sticking. With no seals to wear, valve servicing is virtually eliminated.

The 304 and 504 valves have aluminum die cast bodies and hard coated aluminum spools to resist corrosion. Low friction assures minimum parts wear for long service life, and response time is outstanding

Miller Pneumatic Air Valves

Features and Benefits

  • Manual, Solenoid and Air Pilot
  • Port mount to cylinder available
  • Lapped Spool design for fast valve response time
  • Subplates ported 1/8" NPT thru 1/2" NPT to match piping requirements
  • Modular design allows air pilot, solenoid, palm button, hand lever and cam lever operators

Miller 310 Pneumatic Valves

Miller 310 Valve is a unique power valve for operating medium to large bore air cylinder. Two Miller 310 valves, each mounted directly to the cylinder ports, allow the use of a regulator at each cylinder port, thus permitting use of exact pressure for cylinder work stroke and greatly reduced pressure return stroke.

Miller 310 valves have corrosion resistant aluminum die cast bodies, covers and subbases with an anodized aluminum spool Nitrile seals provide excellent sealing. For ease of mounting, a cross-sectional diagram on all valve labels sows how to orientate it on a subbase, as well as internal assemblies that change valve functions.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduced air consumption
  • Lower piping cost
  • Maximum power to the cylinder
  • High speed operation


  • Industrial
  • Processing


  • High speed machines
  • Dual pressure circuits
  • Fast cylinder response